Teaching and Technology Learning Conference

Today I’ll be in Rolla at a tech conference. Perks to this:

  1. It’s close enough to drive there and back in one day comfortably
  2. The conference is free
  3. I don’t have to monitor the student workers again all day (we’re paying extra close attention due to recent changes in our phone systems)
  4. I get to hang out with Brenda

There are downsides, though:

  1. I will certainly have more work to do on Friday, leaving me stressed

So… yeah. Should be a good time 🙂

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I’m currently at the MoreNET Information Technology Conference… at least, I think that’s what the acronym stands for. I first heard about this conference about 4 months ago when I received an email from MoreNET inviting me to speak and, since I had spoken at their spring conference (HELIX), I agreed to do so and submitted a presentation about the Confluence wiki I’ve been working on.

Then I found out, some time later, that where HELIX is for higher education, MITC is for primary/secondary education. Suffice it to say that I wasn’t too excited about coming, and I’m still a little nervous that my presentation will be horribly out of place. But after attending my first session this morning, I’m optimistic.

One of the telling statements by the presenters was, “They don’t seem to realize how much we’re doing on the primary/secondary education level with technology!” Admittedly, they were using Blackboard as their full LMS and CMS, where I might have used a wiki system or something akin to SharePoint rather than Blackboard, but they had some really neat integration with the software, more advanced than how we’re using it at Missouri State University in fact. It is clear that they are very dedicated to online learning and have really poured their time and effort into their system, where ours seems a bit more… grudging. It is used, but not much, and not well.

At any rate, I’m going to wander around the exhibitor hall a bit, then go work on my Buddhism homework (due tonight for a class I’m missing). I’m also using one of the conference’s computers to blog, and there’s a line, so I’m off. Lates.