Ditching Delicious, Converting to Evernote

Delicious is one of those sites I heard about long before I started using it, much like Twitter. I had tried syncing bookmarks between Firefox installations using plugins, and I kept a bookmarks file on my jump drive for ease of reference, until I just got fed up with the process. Storing them online made sense, so I created an account and quickly converted all my regular bookmarks to Delicious.

Delicious has some frustrating design points though. Even if I ask it to keep me logged in, when I go to Delicious, it shows me other people’s bookmarks, not mine. So I set my home page to http://delicious.com/dmmagic, so it goes to my bookmarks… but the search box is still for all of Delicious. And here’s where it gets worse: I remember content better than title, so when I go to search, I rarely find what I’m looking for. I’ve bookmarked a page based on the content, but when I search, nothing comes up because the title doesn’t always reflect the content exactly.

Since I switched to Delicious, though, the oddest thing has happened: I’ve pretty much stopped using bookmarks. I don’t know why, but I just don’t often need to recall web sites late enough after finding them that I’ve forgotten where they are. And the sites I visit regularly, I don’t bother to seek the bookmark for: I just type it in. When I do need to recall something, a bookmark is insufficient.

Since I’ve used both Delicious and Evernote for a while, my information has been split between the two. Now that I’ve switched to Chrome, though, clipping to Evernote works even better than it did in Firefox. In addition, I can easily highlight the content I want to recall and send that to Evernote, or send the entire page with a click of a check box. And searching in Evernote is easier than searching in Delicious. I don’t need to recall individual sites, but I do need to save research.

I’ll need to improve my organization in Evernote a bit more, but in general I think it’s going to be a better tool for me than relying on bookmarks.