How Many Missouri State University Workers Does It Take To Build a Set Of Stairs?

Apparently the answer is Ten.

MSU Workers

I was bemused, if a bit appalled, yesterday at how many of them were “working” on this project, but the older gentleman walking in front of me was affected even more. He stopped and stared, his face betraying his inability to decide whether he was aghast or angry, and I wondered who he was. A professor at the University, or was he perhaps a member of the Board of Governors?

At any rate, for an institution that is making drastic cuts to its budget in light of the current economic situation (our University President just presented at the Faculty Senate a plan to cut $5.5 million), it’s disturbing to see scenes like this. It put me in mind of the president’s comments at the recent State of the University address when he raised questions about committee sizes at the University, citing examples of ten and twenty member committees.

Perhaps the Stair Building Committee needs to be reevaluated. I just can’t imagine that its current structure is as efficient as it could be.

Update:: Got a text message from April a bit ago

Walked through the parking lot to use the new stairs but they aren’t finished yet. The ten men standing around look confused about this.

So ten people are now working on this for a second day. At this point we’ve spent, what, 30 man-hours worth of pay on building these stairs? Probably more.