The Fit Is Not Go

The Fit Is Go? Not as Go as our Civic...
The Fit Is Go? Not as Go as our Civic...

I was so freaking excited about the Honda Fit. April and I had been talking about buying a new car for a year, and I had been doing research for two months. We weren’t really looking to buy until November of this year (to get the end-of-year savings that always comes around as dealerships are trying to offload their old inventory), but as we read more and more, we became more and more anxious. “What’s the harm in doing a few test drives?” we thought.

Also, April had a new job paying twice what her old one did, so that helped spur us along.

We had visited the Toyota dealership, which was lackluster at best, and decided to go ahead and check out Honda since I had been reading so much about the Fit. The Honda Fit is’s #1 small/compact hatchback vehicle (though I can’t find that comparison now, so I’ll refer to their review of the vehicle), and everything I read seemed to be in love with the little hatchback. We were pretty excited, so Friday, July 3rd when we had the day off work we drove down to Don Wessel Honda here in Springfield to take a look.

We looked, and we sat inside, and it was… small. The fit and finish wasn’t as good as I had expected, and in general it just looked cheap. To get the version I wanted would be almost $20k, and I was having trouble seeing that price tag on this vehicle. The cargo space was good, but that was it.

We went inside the dealership building, where a Civic LX was on display, and wandered around that while the salesmen continued their discussion and didn’t nag us at all. I opened the door, sat down, and “Ahhh…”

Our new car doesn’t have the cargo space the Fit does, but it’s more comfortable, feels better constructed, and we like it better. I’m fairly confident now that all the Hondas are great, and when we’re looking to get a minivan in 8-10 years I’ll probably go back to Don Wessel, but the Fit just wasn’t Go for us. It’s OK, but when it comes right down to it, we don’t need that much cargo space. We want something that’s comfortable and nice, and the Civic suits us well in those capacities.