Adaptavist Case Study with Collective Health

Collective Health Case StudyI am very pleased to announce that the case study I mentioned in my last post has gone live.

CH particularly commends Adaptavist for understanding its needs in a business context. “We were very much looking for that holistic picture back from your team,” says Irene, “and the value of working with you guys is you helped configure a tool that makes it very easy for our people. The tools support them in being as efficient as possible.”

Last but not least, Adaptavist helps CH work more efficiently. Preston comments, “The question is raised, ‘Why don’t we get a JIRA engineer in-house?’ But you guys have such expertise in Atlassian products, and can build with such clarity, that it’s much more efficient to work with your experts than for us to try and build that expertise in depth ourselves. Your knowledge just makes our development process much more efficient.”

See the full case study page at Empowering people and processes for Collective Health or read the full case study in PDF.

Portfolio management in a small company

Construction worker cutting iron beams in a structureYou may be familiar with project management, but what can portfolio management do for your company? In a project-based organization, where you take in clients and work and provide either a good or a service, a good portfolio manager is going to align all of the work done within your organization so it supports the mission of the organization, and they’re going to select projects that further that mission and reject projects that don’t support it. In this article, I’m going to provide a couple of examples of this to help provide context, both from the IT service industry and the manufacturing perspective, and then give you some tips on managing your company’s portfolio.

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