City Utilities Cuts Neighborhood Water Without Notice

City Utilities TrucksI was surprised to see the City Utilities trucks on my drive home from work today, just as one might be surprised to see a clown car or a tank. I know these things exist, I just don’t see them in my day to day life, and certainly not on my street. As I squeezed past them, I wondered what they were doing and wished they had posted some sort of neighborhood notice, but whatever. I recognize that they can’t always give notice when they’re working in a neighborhood, so I pulled into our garage and thought nothing more of the matter.

That is until I tried to turn the water faucet on a few minutes ago and got nothing but a gurgling sound and a bit of air. I tried some different water faucets, then went down to the basement to make sure a pipe hadn’t burst. As I started to call City Utilities to find out if there was an outage of some sort, it dawned on me… “There were some CU trucks just down the street earlier. I wonder if they did something?”

Venturing outside, which I so rarely do unless provoked, I tried our outdoor spigot and then knocked on the doors of a few neighbors. It’s a mixed blessing that no one else seems to be home tonight, I suppose, and I quickly found myself wandering down to the CU trucks just a block away to find out what was going on. As I approached the truck, four men in a huddle turned to me.

“Your water’s down,” one of them said.

“Yeah, I wondered about that,” I replied.

Their huddle dissolved and one grabbed a tool, another a hose, and a third began to walk towards the front of the truck while the fourth picked up a large, metal T-pipe. “We’ll have it fixed in just a few minutes!” the presumed leader said.

I loitered for a few seconds more before heading back to my house. Nothing more to see here, move along.