Some personal thoughts on financial management

Yesterday on Meta-Manage I posted about how to manage your finances in 5 minutes or less per day. I’m always perplexed when someone tells me they don’t budget or look at their financial accounts regularly, but I know one of the reasons people don’t is because it can be daunting and seem like a lot of work. Hopefully that article will be helpful.

When I was young, probably around 9 years old, my parents had to declare bankruptcy. And they separated when I was 11 (for the second time) and divorced when I was 12. I never experienced homelessness, but there was a lot of fear that we were going to lose the house and near everything else. A lot of my financial decisions, from keeping credit cards paid off to waiting to have kids, have come out of lessons learned back then and a desire to stay out of the trouble my parents got into.

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