Cheap as Free

If you saw my Twitter last night, you saw that Bahama Breeze doesn’t know how to measure tequila shots. After ordering a shot, they brought me a tumbler with probably 2.5 shots of Patron SIlver in it. This was after an amazing meal coupled with a Bahama Mama (fresh fruit and lots of rum), onion rings, and firecracker shrimp.

Then we went back to the hotel, where there are free drinks until 7:30 p.m. A couple of glasses of wine and a cigar later, I went back to my room and watched Family Guy until bedtime.

As Jeremy put it, there’s free booze, and that makes this a vacation 😀 At the same time, I’m now in an 8-hour session today about virtual computing labs, and I’m really enjoying it. For more information, check out my notes on VCL, which will be undergoing development throughout the day (and probably further formatting throughout the rest of the week).

I really want to do this VCL thing (which has now been released open source), but it would require completely restructuring the way a lot of things work at the university regarding computing. I’ll talk with Kevin about it tonight.

Educause 2008

I am currently in the Springfield airport, preparing for a flight to Orlando by way of Dallas. I am honoured to be attending Educause 2008, and even more glad that I don’t have to speak at it. I like speaking and all, but it’s nice to just relax and listen to other people for once.

I’ll be updating here, but not as much as I’ll be updating over there. This year, I’ll be keeping a blog on the Experts Wiki throughout the event. Not to the extent of live blogging, but as often as I’m able. I may or may not have pictures, though; I just tried to plug my camera into this laptop and it wasn’t picked up at all.

Heading down to the gate now, so I’ll update on the wiki again in Dallas.