We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

I know, I just recently started this gig, and I’m already breaking my scheduled update cycle. But you know, if I didn’t feel the freedom to do so, I think I might drive myself to bitterness and frustration with this site, so I’m going to take the opportunity to break away regardless. In this case, I’m not writing less;  quite the opposite, I’m writing a lot more, just none of it is blog-content or would fit on these pages.

We haven’t played D&D since Cody left about four months ago, but I recently started getting the itch to DM again. I’ve been running games since high school, but after Cody left, I had trouble seeing why we should go on. Only one of my original players remains (out of five), and though Ryan has joined us, that still only makes for two players and a DM. It’s just not enough for a good campaign.

But now that I’m getting back into writing, I’m developing ideas for a fantasy (fiction) world, and I want to start gaming again. Therefore, I am spending this week putting the ruleset into my wiki and developing the world. I’m really considering trying to learn how to draw, though I don’t know how successful that will be. Right now, it’s mostly building the framework of the rules, but hopefully by the end of the week and next weekend, I can start really building the culture of the world.

So, have a good week everyone. I’ll be back next Monday.

Ubuntu For The Soul

Thursday was fantastic, and not just because I got home from work half an hour early (especially since I only came home early due to working through lunch). The new release of Ubuntu, code named Hardy Heron and version 8.04 of this Linux distribution, was released yesterday. It is an LTS (long term support) version of Ubuntu, which means it is very stable and full-featured, and I got to spend a lot of time playing with it yesterday.

I hope to have a couple of write-ups on the operating system next week. For one, I installed Ubuntu on an Asus EEE PC, which necessitated making my jumpdrive into bootable installation media. The second is that I installed it on my laptop, and I think I’ve got it working well enough (which is to say, it works perfectly!) to take with us on Sunday morning when April and I go somewhere to write before church.

I want to write a general review of the OS, so I’ll put that on my tech blog next week. In the meantime, I have a ton of fiction work to do over the weekend, and I’m really looking forward to diving into that on Saturday. I need to acquire the GURPS books tomorrow so I can reference them regularly.

Giddy is an apt word for me right now. Today was challenging and fun, and I got to help a teacher who will be showing open source software to her education students in the fall using the machine I set up. I feel like we’re moving in the right direction.