Theological Inspiration

Since I began carrying a moleskine notebook around with me, I’ve been jotting down copious notes about stories, blog entries, and poems that I’d like to write. Specifically, and notably since we began visiting the Vineyard on Sunday mornings, I’ve had a lot of theological inspiration resulting in a number of theological blog entries.

I’ve got more lined up for the story about Sargent Faithful, and I’d like that to become a regular feature here at SilverPen, but my writing time is pretty limited right now and at the end of the evening I found that I had written three pieces about religion and absolutely no fiction. I had meant to write another story, but here we are: 10 PM, I’m about to go to bed, and the next part isn’t written. I guess maybe next week?

I’ve got several more religious pieces percolating in my drafts bin that will make their way to the surface in the coming weeks as well. It is definitely a testament to the Vineyard how much it inspires me–I must have pulled out my notebook and written something down at least ten times last Sunday. Do you know what “the sevenfold glory of God” is? I’m not entirely sure either, but I’ve got a Bible verse, some notes, and a strong desire to explore the concept through fiction. I don’t know what that will look like, but I’m anxious to find out.

Goodnight everyone, and apologies in advance for the lack of diversity in postings here for the next couple of weeks. I usually try to mix things up so there aren’t a ton of the same category all in a row, but these things come in waves sometimes. One month I had almost nothing but technology, and this month I will have almost nothing but theology. Hopefully history will be gentle with me.

Laila tov!