Incisions in my life

I got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday, and though it wasn’t as horrific as some people made it out to be, it has put a bit of a crimp in my scheduled activities. I had expected to be all better by end-of-the-day Friday and return to writing on Saturday, but suffice it to say that did not happen.

This is just a short note by way of apology for suckiness and being such a wuss. I was going to have an essay about hospitality up today, but it didn’t happen. Instead, my weekend has been filled with downing pain pills, drinking almost all my meals, and napping with April and the kittens because I’m not capable of much else.

I did get our taxes done on Saturday morning, which was something of an accomplishment, and by using H&R Block’s TaxCut we got a couple extra hundred dollars more than we would have using TurboTax. Definitely recommend TaxCut.

I also recommend Campbell’s tomato soup, but am steering away from Slim Fast. I managed to drink two of them before being unable to take any more. I’d like to try Slim Fast mixed with coffee or milk, but haven’t worked up the courage yet.

How do you write, or function even, when you’re in pain and all kinds of lethargic? I suppose someone with more drive than me would have pushed through and done something, anything, but I did not. I read, and I’ve got some extra notes and outlines, and I’m all ready to be productive again, but it just isn’t going to happen this week. Subsequently, I also didn’t go back and revise the articles going live this week, so they’re a bit rough. Oh well.

It’d be nice to be full again, instead of always hungry. To eat chicken fried steak, or something with more flavour than mashed potatoes. We’re going to try and go out for sushi on Valentine’s Day, which would suffice, and hopefully I’ll even be able to eat it.

My mind’s all fuzzy. I know I had stuff I wanted to write and share, but I’ve got no motivation right now. Gonna go do something brainless, like nap some more or something. Adieu.