Twitter is down and we don’t know what to do

From the Penny Arcade forum:

PeasantDave: Is twitter totally down right now?
Captain Tapole: It is for me. And I woke up early for no reason then.

PeasantDave wrote: View Post
Is twitter totally down right now?

I believe it is, indeed, totally down.
ukiyo e:
I’m not getting updates.
Don’t Panic!
dmmagic: Oh thank goodness I still have a source for updates. I tried to go to Twitter to find out if Twitter was down and IT WAS DOWN!!1!
GPIA7R: I want to tweet about twitter being down.

But I can’t.

From instant messenger:

(09:23:06 AM) spiritg21: How can I do work when Twitter is down so I can’t Tweet about doing work?
(09:23:06 AM) scorpius42 <AUTO-REPLY> : I’m not here right now
(09:23:13 AM) spiritg21: is what I want to know
(09:23:21 AM) scorpius42: lol
(09:23:26 AM) scorpius42: I can’t function!
(09:23:41 AM) spiritg21: What’s the point of life if I can’t tell my hundreds of followers about it?!

So, of course, I’m writing a blog post about it. You know, just to make sure everyone else knows Twitter is down. is my anti-drug

I didn’t want to go to bed last night being all depressed and upset, because as much fun as sleeping poorly and having bad dreams is, I never caught up on sleep from MITC and the last thing I need is another crappy Friday.

Thankfully, has been restored to us. Their service was down for quite some time as they were seeking new hosting, but my insta-pick-me-up is back and it’s certainly a relief. is, essentially, snippets of IRC (or sometimes IM) conversations where someone insults somebody else or something funny is said. Reading through a page of Random > 0 has pretty much always been sufficient to make me feel better when I’m down. Humour, and all that.

I had some other stuff I wanted to write this morning, but it seems that I have trouble forming complete sentences this early in the morning, so I’ll sign off. Can’t wait until tomorrow when I can sleep in a bit…