PAX Day 2

Today contained so much, yet resulted in relatively few pictures. I shall do my best to distill the wonder for you.

Tea & Crumpets


I’ve never had a crumpet before, but they were so good that I’m definitely going back tomorrow… er, later this morning. Mine had something akin to a small omelet on top: egg mixed with bell pepper and sliced ham underneath. The crumpet itself is slathered in butter and is somewhat like an English Muffin, though it tasted a lot better.

The scones were also OMGmazing.

The Omegathon: Round 3

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There had been a lot of hype about round 3 because it was Halo. As it turns out, it wasn’t just Halo… it was Halo 3, with a map never before seen by anybody, played in Firefight mode on Legendary. There were teams of four players competing, and whichever team got the lowest score would be entirely out of the Omegathon.

The Omegabat’s team not only won, they did so by an enormous margin, more than 2:1. Unfortunately, @eye_shuh lost later in the day and is now out of the Omegathon, but we showed our support and we’re completely proud of her. She played an amazing game the entire Omegathon.

Ultimate Dungeon Delve

Puddings and Slimes

In this event, sponsored and run by Wizards of the Coast, teams of five attempt to complete a series of encounters in 45 minutes or less. Each encounter is allotted 45 minutes and a team that either dies or fails to complete in that time is disqualified. If you can finish all six encounters you win a new D&D book (one just recently published) and both your name and your character’s name go into the Wizards’ Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, we were out in the third round. This room completely kicked our asses. We were stalled by slimes and a pudding that you can’t even see yet, and when we got to room two (top of the stairs there) we discovered a gelatinous cube that had been invisible until that point. Unfortunately, we hit the cube with only two minutes to go and it was over.

Our DM was fantastic though and we all had a really great time. I could do it again tomorrow, but I’m going to give it a miss. Though I enjoyed it, it was a bit more stressful than I like for a variety of reasons. Think I’ll do some board gaming instead.


We less than three JoCo

Because of the Delve I got to the concerts late (though I’m not sure I’d have gotten in at all if Morgan, who played as our defender in the Delve, hadn’t given me her wristband. ❤ Morgan!), but I was in time to hear most of Paul and Storm and then Jonathan Coulton (joined by Paul and Storm for most of his set). Though I love JoCo, I was a bit disappointed that it was all songs I’d heard before. I suppose I should have expected that, but there wasn’t as much interaction as I like in concerts and it was only OK.

Until he sang They Might Be Giants, or did an awesome electronica remix thing that included the Mario Bros. theme. I pretty much geeked out at that point.

Paul and Storm was a pleasant surprise. I’d only heard a couple of things by them before (and had forgotten those songs until I heard them sing them tonight), but I can still recognize that their concert wasn’t just all stuff they’d written before. They did a fair amount of improv and talking/interacting with the audience, which I really appreciate. They’re funny guys and put on a great show.

The concert was epically full of win. Great night.

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