Aborted Attempt

Time: 0:35:33
Distance: 2.01 miles
Music: Penny-Arcade Dark Sun Podcast
Runkeeper Report

This morning’s inaugural run could have gone better. It was sprinkling when I left our house, but I didn’t worry too much about it. I’ve seen people jog in the rain before, at least in light rain, so I figured I could handle some sprinkling. I headed east, laughing at the podcast piped into my ears and enjoying the new shoes.

If you follow this thing I do online, you may have noticed that I didn’t go walking last week like I had the week before. My Vibrams had developed holes in the toes, and I was loath to damage them further until I could get them exchanged, so I stopped going out in the morning. I was ready to resume my routine after getting them exchanged on Saturday, but then I stayed up too late on Sunday and slept in yesterday 😛

So today was Big. The new KSOs fit even better than my last pair, and I was really looking forward to getting Out There. Which I did, for about 20 minutes, before it started pouring.

I began running back home, worried for my iPhone in the rain, and got past the leading cloud of the shower. Maybe tomorrow will go better.