An Update from Lilia

Most of you probably don’t know Lilia, but she has become a good acquaintance of mine. I’d like to call her a friend, but I only see her once every couple of years and the rest of our inconsistent communication is via blogging. At any rate, she’s a great person, and I really admire her. Lilia is currently in Colombia, teaching English and music (mostly music/worship) at a Christian school there. If you haven’t heard about the recent events in Colombia, things are getting a little heated there. Lilia updated her blog this morning, and I wanted to pass it along and ask all of you who happen to be the praying types to pray for her and the people in Colombia.

It’s sort of a reminder that there are terrible things happening everywhere… it’s not like this one deserves more prayer than the others. But it is a reminder to be diligent in our awareness and our prayer for all the people in the world who are in need.

Stirrings in Colombia


For those of you who might not be up-to-date with Colombian news, I thought I might fill you in on some interesting things that happened over the weekend.

For a while now, Colombia has been accusing Ecuador of housing the FARC, a group of guerrilla marxists. They are the ones in charge of the drug trade here. On Friday night, Colombian military was able to “take out” the #2 man in the FARC… 2 miles inside of the Ecuadorian border. They made an apology for invading Ecuadorian airspace, and continued in their belief that Ecuador is housing the FARC.

Well, the events that have transpired are rather frightening. Everyone here knows that Chavez is out of his mind, and yesterday morning, he place 6,000 troops and some tanks on the Venezuelan-Colombian border, emptied the Venezuelan embassy, Ecuadorian embassy, and now the Panamanian government, known to have leftist ties with Chavez has emptied their embassy as w ell. During this raid, the Colombian government found a computer containing information of a meeting between the President of Ecuador and the FARC leaders. So, on 3 borders we have countries who don’t like us… really don’t like us.

There are talks of a possible evacuation in the next few weeks.

The Colombian and American governments know exactly where the FARC are located, and some are hoping that this would solve the Chavez/FARC problem once and for all.

Yesterday at church, we prayed for a long time for peace… something relatively new to the Colombians anyway. Just in the last 10 years, the Colombian military has been able to protect the people from the atrociousness of the FARC. Living here, you hear so many stories about the FARC and what they did and still do to people. It would be amazing if that threat no longer existed for the Colombian people.

Pray for us. Pray for the BEST for Colombia.