Write me a letter

Before I graduated, I spent some time deciding what to do with my considerable post-college free time. I was going to have about ten extra hours a week, not to mention the lack of stress and worry about homework, assigned reading, and papers that had hung continually over my head and put a pall on all non-work activities. I would be free to do whatever I wanted, and while reading a biography about Theodore Roosevelt, I realized that I wanted to build relationships with people.

Specifically, I wanted to write letters. There are a few friends who write me regularly but to whom I always fail to reply, and I want to fix that. I also want to write to strangers and start having pen pals, and I thought it would be swell to write to people out in the world about important things. If I have an author I like, or whose ideas I find intriguing, or for whom I have questions, I’m going to write them a letter. If there is something going on in the world, I might write churches or leaders in the area to encourage them. All the things that are becoming commonplace through email and Facebook, but which don’t seem to happen in any real depth (at least for me), I want to do with paper and ink.

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My brain is mush

I’ve spent the day working on two things. I’m configuring Confluence as a wiki solution for the ERP, and I needed it to 1) run as a service, and 2) email comments/discussion to certain members as a tool for collaboration. This meant, concerning the second one, that I need our server to function in both web and email capacities.

I’ve set up email servers before, but absolutely hate the SMTP functionality built into Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Therefore, last time I did this, I used HMailServer. Unfortunately, my documentation was not complete and failed to note that, when authenticating to HMailServer, your username is the full email address (so username@hmailserver.edu). I was just using the username, so everything else was configured correctly, but it wasn’t working, and it wasn’t providing me any errors. A simple mistake, but it took me the better part of the day to figure it out.

As for running Confluence as a service, our installation of Windows was missing a .dll it needed for that to work properly. After copying the .dll from the Confluence directory to the system32 file, everything worked perfectly.

Two good milestones reached in one day. I’m pretty proud of it, and tomorrow I’ll start looking into LDAP integration. For now, though, I’m done.