Getting ready to make a flyer

It occurred to me yesterday at the Mudhouse that I ought to make some sort of flyer. Something sleek and smart that I can have some fun putting together. I’m not going to get hired if no one knows I’m available.

When you’re at places that have flyers like that, advertisements that are a dime a dozen because they’re plastered all over the place, what catches your eye? What do you look for in a memorable ad?

Getting Back Into the Groove

I have 4-5 book reviews, several relationship, and a few regular blog articles I’d like to write, and I think I’m going to do so on Saturday. I toyed with the idea of going to the Mudhouse to improve my concentration, but 1) I should get used to writing at home, 2) home is cheaper, and 3) home is awesome.

So, I’ll stay home, though I may use the laptop to write and sit in the living room instead of the office. April will be clothes shopping most of the day, so it’s a good time to write for hours and hours.

Nevertheless, anyone care to join me at some point during the day? Writing, drawing, etc; anything of the artistic nature is filled with goodness. I just need to get warmed up before November, and I should start warming as soon as possible.

The Charmer’s Way

“Life’s too short,” he claims as grin,
His crooked smile a snare of charm.
Each lass with breasts and legs he spies
He will pursue with every lie
Like water tinged by oil’s spill;
It seems he’d give you life and more,
But rather, death will come with dive
As suffocate in Charmer’s eyes.

A feeling of deep wariness-
I see it in his current prey-
As lean he in, hand on her knee
And promises fall from his lips.
The string of words that fly from tongue
Bewilder those who pause to hear
Until disarm and gently lift
The fear that comes with common sense.

His goal? The moment of the catch,
The joy of another conquest
And pleasure peaked in instant found
In dead of night; it’s at this time
That like the night, just so will die
His charm and interest in the prey-
In lass he snared through Charmer’s Way.
And so he leaves, another broke:
So spawn’s another Charmer’s Joke.