God’s Patience

It is difficult for me to come at this subject from a non-Christian perspective. When I think about the topic of God’s patience, my initial reaction is, “Well, duh. Obviously he’s patient. Otherwise, why would he put up with us?” That’s what it really comes down to: we screw up on a regular basis, and he continues to not smite us.

I define sin as that which separates us from God. We are plagued by both the original sin we carry from the actions of our forefathers and the habitual sins we commit due to our weakness, ignorance, or willfulness, but God is unwilling to leave us in this state. Next week, I’ll write more on the topic of God choosing us and predestination, but in short, we wouldn’t be Christian if God hadn’t first offered salvation to us. We wouldn’t have chosen God if he hadn’t first chosen us, if for no other reason than that we wouldn’t have realized how good life is with him just on our own. But from the outside looking in, Christianity simply doesn’t make sense.

God’s faithfulness and patience leads us into grace we wouldn’t have otherwise known. And what’s wild is that, even after we have accepted his son Jesus into our lives, we continue to sin against him. We still lust and covet, we lie, we break laws and gossip and avoid anything that might be a burden to us. To varying degrees, we are still separated from him, yet his patience persists.

It is a testament to his love, and greatly encouraging to me. I love him all the more for it, and abide in the comfort of his Church. It is a great mystery to me, why he would put up with someone like me. But he does, and I’m not going to question it too loudly. Instead, I will worship his name and praise his patience. Blessed be the name of the LORD.