What To Do Next

It’s 2016, which means the annual retrospective has presented itself. I didn’t want it, and it wouldn’t respect my wishes.

2015 was good. I worked at Adaptavist all year and enjoyed it. April and I bought a new house and eventually sold our old one. We traded the truck in for a minivan. I graduated with a master’s degree.

So what should I do next? I know there are a couple of certifications I want to get, and I’m thinking about joining a prison ministry. I’ve got a troublesome client at work who has put us in a situation with no clear path out, and I don’t know what to do there. Our church population continues to dwindle and I’m frustrated with the “strategy” team and the lack of strategizing, or anything, that we do. After a couple of leaks, it has become clear that our house needs a new roof. And a tree needs cut down in our yard. The van needs some work. Taxes need paid. It all takes money, and it takes more in the short-term than we have.

Yesterday I went walking through the nearby cemetery and I thought, “It’s 2016. So what should I do this year to make things better? What can I do differently?”

Nothing. There’s nothing magical about a new year. It doesn’t wipe the slate clean, and it’s not a new beginning. Every day is an opportunity to take another step.

I was reminded of the end of the recent Captain Marvel run.


That’s what I’m going to do. Every day. Every moment. I’m going to strive to focus on the next right thing, and I’ll do it.

Don’t Make a Resolution

It is now officially 2014 in my time zone, so I wanted to suggest something.

Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution. Don’t set goals to lose weight, or learn a language, or learn an instrument, or take more pictures, or do your homework earlier. Don’t get yourself psyched up, geared up, or excited about a new year of potential.

You sabotage yourself every time you do this. So don’t.

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