What I learned about co-working spaces

Co-working spaceWhen the company I work for hired another person in Springfield, we needed some office space. But I didn’t want to get a formal office, and a local co-working space had been recommended by a friend, so I suggested we tour the space.

The service sounded pretty great. They would provide a desk, chair, monitor, high speed Internet, power, and 24/7 access with parking. We would have access to a number of conference rooms. And coffee during regular business hours was included with all of this.

Sadly, it didn’t work out, but I learned some interesting things along the way.

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Hourglass Eyes

As my glassy eyes reflected polished ash,
I realized that I never understood
Why the living mourn the dead.
These hypocrites who never cared
For Jones-most never knew his name-
Now standing mute, ranks of inconvenient
awkward office mates.

Mike told me that we all die.
It’s true, I thought, slipping my hand
To the breast of my coat.
The tobacco, held tight in its roll-
Just as we’re held by the sonorous
Supplications of the priest-
Came free. They heard the click of my lighter.
I did not care:
They would be dead someday too.

Thoughts of hypocrites and caskets
Left my head with the first drawn breath,
And it seemed as if all the blood
Drained from this coil to be
Replaced. That incense, holy and pleasing,
Filled me like the fluid that filled Jones,
And I exhaled our obituary,
My eyes reflecting their prison.