Why I Hate Your Tech Blog

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking. “But Matthew, you have a tech blog!” Let me tell you what separates my technology articles from 90% of the rest of the blogosphere: thought.

I won’t claim to know the motivation of the people who run these worthless tech blogs, but the vast majority are nothing more than a collection of the exact same topics and articles (perhaps re-written, but with the same ideas, conclusions, and messages) as everyone else has. If I’m going to write something about technology, I first go out and see if someone else has written it. If they have said everything that needs to be said, there is absolutely no reason for me to re-write it. And in general, I don’t even see the point in linking to it; I found them on Google, and that’s how most people find my site, so if they’re looking for that topic they’ll find the other person’s blog.

The only situation in which I would write an article and link to them is if I have something new and original to say, a counter-point or an extension on their piece, but that takes some original thought and development. These characteristics are sorely lacking in most tech blogs.

I don’t know, maybe these “authors” are upset that Slashdot wouldn’t accept their submissions, so they started blogs of their own. Or maybe they’re hoping for traffic and ad revenue. Regardless of the reason, parroting press releases and embedding YouTube videos to the exclusion of original thought just strikes me as worthless.

Want to have a successful tech blog? Go out and see what’s lacking. Find topics, how-to articles, and analysis that has not yet been provided, then write it. Your voice won’t be lost in the noise, and you’ll be contributing something to the Internet rather than just parroting what everyone else is writing.