Honeymoon photos

Note: I’ve closed the massive photo gallery once hosted at SilverPen of well over 3,000 images we had taken and uploaded. We’ll continue to maintain a smaller set of public photos on Flickr, but will reserve the local photo gallery for our backups and friends/family who want to see more images.

I know, right? Three blog entries in one day. I just thought I’d go ahead and update that the honeymoon photos are now online, courtesy of yours truly.

Now, if only I could sit myself down and pick out ten to send to the videographer so he can finish the intro to the wedding video and be done with that project…. or if I could only sit down and write the 24 “Thank You” cards I have left to write.

Looking through all of the wedding photos today just reminded me of how blessed I am and how very much I love my wife. She’s so beautiful and so awesome, and I’m really thankful to have met her.

Plus, our wedding was freaking awesome.