Preaching on July 27th

Put it on your calendar: I get to preach again on July 27th. Currently planning on preaching a sermon I’ve been working on for a bit titled Claiming Victory, but God may change my mind between now and then.

If you want to join us, we start at 10:30 a.m. at 634 W Wall St in Springfield, MO. Learn more at

Let’s get this out of the way::

I’m not entirely sure I want to blog, a word I’m using as a verb rather than a noun at the moment, and it’s mostly because I’m feeling content and happy and no particular pressure or impetus to reach beyond my immediate surroundings and speak. Except… except that there is something that needs said, and this is likely the best platform to say it from, which leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

And then, when I think about saying those things, I remember all the other things I haven’t said, and I feel like I must say those things first. So, this isn’t a rant about not blogging enough, nor is it a promise to blog more. I may blog exactly twice in the next month, including this current post. But the next post is important. This post just needs to be written so I can get it out of the way.

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