A penny’s worth a pound

…if the alternative is that you get nothing otherwise.

So, I’ve had a story sitting half finished in my drafts for the last four days, and because it was finished, I didn’t publish it. Then, tonight, I scrapped it and started over, and got about half done before I ran out of steam. Rather than let it sit in my drafts until tomorrow or the next day, I decided to let it go and publish.

Today, we signed a paper saying our landlord can show our apartment to prospective renters. The hope is that someone can move in to our apartment right after we move into our house, that way we don’t have to keep paying rent. What this means practically, right now, is that our apartment needs to be clean and showable, which it’s not at this time, so after I got home a little after 5 p.m., we started cleaning and I felt like I finally sat down in not-cleaning-mode at around 7:30.

My writing lasted until about 8 or 8:15, when the aforementioned steam ran out. Still, I’ve had a lot of visitors to the site today, so I thought you at least deserved something. You deserve more and better, really, but I’ll give what I have and hope that is sufficient for now.

I returned to work today after a week’s semi-vacation (most of it was spent on house-buying related work), and it was everything I thought it would be. Take that as you will.

Michelle, I’m going to write you a response tomorrow. For now, though, I think we’re going to finish our episode of The Office.

Paving the road to hell

After succumbing to procrastination last night and deciding to play World of Warcraft rather than write, I thought, “Hey, I can write tomorrow night and still be publishing a story on Friday (thereby meeting my update schedule).” I had no idea what today would be like.

Meetings all morning until noon, grabbed some Chinese food to work through lunch, and had a ton of stuff to get done before leaving promptly at 5 p.m. Nine hours without a break other than to walk quickly to the student union so I could grab something to eat.

I don’t know if my brain will handle writing. It’s barely managing this blog entry.

Regardless, I slightly edited one of my favourite poems and posted that for your consumption. If I’m not getting a story up, at least I can do that much.

April and I are looking at houses with our Realtor tomorrow morning. I intend to spend a good portion of the afternoon writing the next story (Arias finally meets “the adventuring party!”) so I can set things up for next week. I’ll be doing a lot of writing on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so I should be able to meet my goals and get a bit ahead.

But not tonight. Tonight, I need something brainless, like reading fantasy fiction or playing a game. And something to drink. And eat. And… my brain just quit on me.