Aborted Attempt

Time: 0:35:33
Distance: 2.01 miles
Music: Penny-Arcade Dark Sun Podcast
Runkeeper Report

This morning’s inaugural run could have gone better. It was sprinkling when I left our house, but I didn’t worry too much about it. I’ve seen people jog in the rain before, at least in light rain, so I figured I could handle some sprinkling. I headed east, laughing at the podcast piped into my ears and enjoying the new shoes.

If you follow this thing I do online, you may have noticed that I didn’t go walking last week like I had the week before. My Vibrams had developed holes in the toes, and I was loath to damage them further until I could get them exchanged, so I stopped going out in the morning. I was ready to resume my routine after getting them exchanged on Saturday, but then I stayed up too late on Sunday and slept in yesterday 😛

So today was Big. The new KSOs fit even better than my last pair, and I was really looking forward to getting Out There. Which I did, for about 20 minutes, before it started pouring.

I began running back home, worried for my iPhone in the rain, and got past the leading cloud of the shower. Maybe tomorrow will go better.


I like when it rains in November, you said,
when dreary skies and leaves stain the sidewalk.
Eyes smiling wide, we kiss in mid-step,
and my head shakes a bit before we touch,
afraid I’ll miss but unwilling to slow. We laugh,
noses scrunched from impact as you exhale,
growling as dragon’s breath envelopes me. Our hands
have sex with everyone watching. They can’t have us.