When this blog started

My first blog post on this site was on September 1, 2007. I have had a blog since 2003, and it’s clear that the first post wasn’t an introduction to a new site but was instead part of an ongoing blog., so I’m not really sure why that was the cut-over date.  It’s not a post introducing this blog, and it’s not very neat or clean.

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My Head is an Animal

I’m loving this album.

I have Exhibitor Assistant training for PAX in less than 20 minutes. I’m super excited to be an XA this year and help make PAX better and better.

I have an awesome friend whose team won an Oscar this this year. I have another friend whose blog really inspires me academically and has been mentioned randomly in various places by various people, which indicates she’s doing great stuff. It’s neat.

I’m learning bass and stuff is going good at church. Also, I preached again recently.

I have discovered that Kamora tastes a lot like Kahlua, and it’s great mixed with a little peppermint Coffee-Mate creamer.

I have a good job and great staff and we’re doing good things.

I have a blog I can post on if I want.

I keep thinking about maybe getting a master’s and pursuing becoming a teacher, but then I work too many hours in a day and decide, you know, going home is nice.

I have a five year old puppy. She is made of unconditional love.

I have a wife that loves me and is smart and beautiful and fun.

I’m taking a trip with her to the UK and Ireland this summer.

I am fulfilled; happy; content; satisfied.

Training is starting, so I’m going to go do that now. But I felt like recording this general sense of contentment.