God’s Blessing and Well-Made Plans

I just got a call from Doug, our landlord, to inform me that our apartment has been rented. This was one of the main concerns about buying a house; I mean, there’s the stress of things breaking and my having to fix them, or of the cost, the mortgage, longer commute to work, etc. But because we bought a house much sooner than we had anticipated (due to finding pretty much the perfect house), we still had a rental obligation.

Essentially, we were facing paying a mortgage in addition to rent for the next 4-10 months, or until the apartment was rented. Our lease isn’t up until the end of May, 2009, but we figured that it would be rented by January, 2009 at the latest (end of the fall semester). We’d hoped, of course, for a September rental, but that was a long shot.

But now it’s done, and that’ll save us well over $400/month. o/

A penny’s worth a pound

…if the alternative is that you get nothing otherwise.

So, I’ve had a story sitting half finished in my drafts for the last four days, and because it was finished, I didn’t publish it. Then, tonight, I scrapped it and started over, and got about half done before I ran out of steam. Rather than let it sit in my drafts until tomorrow or the next day, I decided to let it go and publish.

Today, we signed a paper saying our landlord can show our apartment to prospective renters. The hope is that someone can move in to our apartment right after we move into our house, that way we don’t have to keep paying rent. What this means practically, right now, is that our apartment needs to be clean and showable, which it’s not at this time, so after I got home a little after 5 p.m., we started cleaning and I felt like I finally sat down in not-cleaning-mode at around 7:30.

My writing lasted until about 8 or 8:15, when the aforementioned steam ran out. Still, I’ve had a lot of visitors to the site today, so I thought you at least deserved something. You deserve more and better, really, but I’ll give what I have and hope that is sufficient for now.

I returned to work today after a week’s semi-vacation (most of it was spent on house-buying related work), and it was everything I thought it would be. Take that as you will.

Michelle, I’m going to write you a response tomorrow. For now, though, I think we’re going to finish our episode of The Office.