Taking a Step Back

The act of writing is a very intimate process. Whether it’s an email or a novel, we’re putting a bit of ourselves into the work, and this creates a problem. We become so close to the piece that it’s hard for us to critique it.

The words are so familiar that our eyes skim over them. The tone is ours, and sounds right to us, but how do we know? A good trick is to finish a piece, or at least part of it, and then walk away for a few days. When you come back, it’ll be a bit more fresh and you can look at it with a new perspective. This sometimes takes more than days, though, and not everyone has weeks or months before a piece of writing must be done.

SilverPen Publishing’s general editing service might be just what you need. This service combines both our workshopping abilities and our copy editing skills to produce a finished, polished piece of writing. When we think of things that need changed, improved, or added, we will add them as necessary. General editing isn’t just fixing typos, it also includes re-arranging, re-writing, and re-working as necessary.

The work is still yours, and we will work very hard to maintain your voice and tone–the writing will still be your writing. When you don’t have time to take days or weeks to reset and look at the work anew, SilverPen can do that work for you. Contact us to learn more about general editing and how we can help.