Review of Plantronics Voyager 5200 bluetooth headset

When I was looking for a new headset to travel with, I did a lot of research but had trouble finding good, live demos. I finally settled on the Plantronics Voyager 5200 and I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve had a few problems with Bluejeans and Zoom, but only once with Zoom, and it’s great with Skype, my phone, and Discord.

I paid for this headset myself and didn’t receive any payment or free stuff for this review. I just wanted to provide an example of how well this headset works in a noisy environment.

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And you thought Wheel of Time was long: A review of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings

I just finished reading a 1000 page prologue.

That was my first thought when I completed The Way of Kings last night. It took a long time for me to get into the book and to start liking it, but by the end I was not only hooked, I was deeply invested. The best fantasy fiction is not just entertaining, it is also enlightening, and Sanderson’s first novel in The Stormlight Archive is a perfect treatise on deontology. I don’t use that word lightly, but after finishing the novel last night, I went back through each character’s story and reflected on their internal and external struggles, their decisions, and how each character was balanced against one another. Sanderson does not employ the heavy-handed philosophizing and sermonizing that has come to define Terry Goodkind, but still manages to guide the reader in engaging the complex subjects of duty, honor, loyalty, sacrifice, and utilitarianism.

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Review of the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

Though we were out of town to attend a wedding at the end of last week, I did get some time with Guild Wars 2 (GW2) on Saturday and Sunday. This was a weekend beta event for people who had either pre-ordered the game or gotten a beta key through some other method (I was able to pick up a few at PAX East), but even so the game ran great. There was some downtime on Saturday 2-3 hours, but got it fixed relatively quickly and overall performance was very good.

That said, while there are a few things I liked a lot about Guild Wars 2, there are a number of areas where I felt it was pretty poor. Let’s start with the good.

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A brief review of Trolley’s

After receiving an email last week about Beauty and the Beast playing at Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts this weekend, I threw together a plan for a romantic evening with April. She loves Maria’s downtown, so I figured we’d go there for dinner, then go to the musical, and the whole thing would be a surprise.

More surprising was what we found downtown, though. Every restaurant was almost empty… except Maria’s, which had a line out the door! We couldn’t wait as long as it would take to secure a table, so instead we went wandering and ended up at Trolley’s. I hadn’t eaten there before and hadn’t heard much about it, despite it opening half a dozen years or so ago, so we gave it a try.

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