The Science of Prioritization

Mountain_window_path_DuckPassIn my last article, I talked about the art of prioritization. I think those are good first steps to take when prioritizing your list, but it can be helpful to bring some objectivity to your prioritization as well. In this article, I’m going to share a couple of the calculations that we use to prioritize tasks mathematically.

Unless you are dealing with a pretty big job, taking these steps probably isn’t necessary. But if you are struggling to figure out which task to do first, using these methods can help.

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Let your employees slack off a bit

Woman walking on a slack line

In some organizations, management has developed a goal of maximizing efficiency and keeping utilization high. The logic goes, if people are slacking off, then they have time when they could be producing value for the company but are instead just wasting money. And if people are 100% utilized, then they’ll be providing the most value possible.

This isn’t true. 100% utilization actually has a number of negative impacts, so it is important to have some slack time. It is equally important to make sure that time is used properly, though.

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