Sore in all the wrong places

I can’t say I didn’t know the muscles existed. I’ve studied enough of the human form to know the major muscle groups. I’ve just never been sore in some of these places before–it’s a new experience, and not entirely to my liking.

Yesterday didn’t afford much of an opportunity for blogging. I woke up late so my walk was shorter than usual, and then the work day was ridiculous and busy to the effect that I only took a 20 minute lunch and then worked an hour late to get everything fixed and done. After work, I picked my bicycle up from Sunshine Bike Shop (who fixed it for free!) and bought a new helmet (since my old one was damaged) before coming home. It was worth it.

I was even more sore and slower today than I was yesterday.

April and I are heading up to Omaha, Nebraska today to visit her brother Eric and his girlfriend. I’m excited to get away for a couple of days, and then I have big plans for Monday (we’ll be back on Sunday) that will include some home improvements and maybe a photo blog.

I’ve disabled my work email on my iPhone for the weekend, so if you need to reach me, use the GMail address or text. (Note: the contact form on this site goes to GMail). I’m not sure if I’ll fitness blog while I’m in Nebraska, but if you’re really curious, my Runkeeper activities go to Twitter automatically so you can cheer me on there.

Have a good weekend everyone!