Pro tip: Use different mailbox for incoming and outgoing email for JIRA

Strong Bad checks his emailAtlassian JIRA has two different  places to setup an email connection: incoming and outgoing. This probably goes without saying, but let me briefly define these for you:

  • Incoming: This is where you add one or more email server connections for incoming email. This email will be used to create JIRA issues, comments, and potentially users.
  • Outgoing: This is where you add one email server for sending email from JIRA. These will typically be notifications, such as that an issue was created, assigned, or commented on. JIRA can only have one outgoing email connection.

At first glance, you might think, “OK, we already have, so let’s use that for JIRA.” And you plug that in for incoming and outgoing email. But that can cause some problems.

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