It must be my lucky day

I’m pushing everything else down so I can put this question/announcement at the top and therefore garner more attention for it. Do you need something for your apartment? Plates? Silverware? Pots and pans? A knife set in a block? Bar stools, blankets, sheets, baking pans, etc. etc.? We have a ton of stuff in our dining room we’re looking to get rid of, so please, please contact me. Some of it is brand new, we just can’t return it to Target. Contact me.

It’s past 9 a.m. and I’m just now turning my computer on. For those of you who don’t know, my job is in Computer Services at a major university and I, perhaps unsurprisingly, spend the vast majority of my time working at a computer. This morning, however, I got to move computers across campus. About 20 computers, monitors, cables, etc. It’s better than when we had to move tables, I suppose.Kaldis has replaced Churchills here on campus for the local coffee shop. I haven’t been a fan of Churchills for a while because their baked goods had sucked ever since the new manager took over about two years ago… but Kaldis is worse. If you’re a coffee shop and your coffee just isn’t that good, then you’re not doing something right. They won’t have baked goods until next week, so they might yet redeem themselves. As for me, I’ll stick with the coffee pot in my office, I think.

Not to sound all grumpy and complaining, but an extremely brief vent about yesterday: classes on programs largely unrelated to my job, taught in a way that is almost completely irrelevant to me, are not helpful at all. Especially when I don’t have access to the program in question, as I’m a very hands-on learner. Thankfully, I appear to have been able to dodge the class today.

On the bright side, I turned on a media player that comes with Linux today and discovered pre-programmed radio channels. It’s nice to randomly have classical music on without trying. Also, I received the photos from the wedding yesterday, so I’ll hopefully get those online this weekend. The video will follow in a month or two. Photos will be in the gallery, but if you want to see the video, you’ll have to contact me directly; I’ll have it in a password protected FTP folder for download.

I know, this is a horribly rambling entry. I’ve been kind of scatterbrained since my mind was broiled yesterday by boredom. Hopefully better writings/ramblings will come tomorrow.