MITC Reviewed

MITC, as I mentioned last time, is actually a conference for primary and secondary education, and it was subsequently fairly simplistic. Things like doodling programs and clickers were the pinnacle of technological genius, and my presentation was out of place and undesirable.

While I didn’t attend any presentation that was really helpful (and I attended one that was downright horrible, wrong, and anyone who listened to what they were saying should probably lose their jobs), the conference wasn’t a total loss. I only had 3 people show up to my presentation, but one of those was a man from University of Central Missouri.

UCMO is currently implementing both the Luminis platform (a project I’m on the core team for here at Missouri State University), as well as Banner Student, and my attendee was enthralled by Confluence. He wants to talk more with me about it, maybe setting up a web conference in a few weeks/months, and when I told him I was considering speaking at Sungard Summit (the topic would be Building a Unified Knowledge Repository with Confluence and the Luminis Platform), he promptly wrote it down. I mentioned that I was considering speaking at HELIX as well and he said that he would be happy to recruit and get more people there if I did, because he knew a lot would want to hear about Confluence.

So, highs and lows. I’m just glad to be home, especially since Confluence was kind of broken when I got back. I spent three and a half hours fixing it yesterday, and subsequently extended its backup scheme out further so we have more backups and hopefully won’t have this problem again.

My next conference, Educause, is at the end of this month in Orlando, Florida. I won’t be speaking at that one this year, but I’m hoping to do so next year. It’s going to be unbelievably awesome, and I’m really excited.

My hope is to live blogging during Educause, if wifi access is widespread enough. If not, I may end up just blogging through my Twitter.

Also, Kevin mentioned yesterday maybe getting a presentation laptop, which would be awesome. My work tablet is so weak that running PowerPoint taxes it :-


I apologize for the break in updates, and there’s another one forthcoming. My progress on Confluence has been stymied, though I don’t know yet whether this is because there’s something wrong with the product of which I am unaware or if it is due to my own incompetence. I’ve spent quite a few hours tinkering with it, making configuration changes, and restarting services, but all to no avail. I can’t get Confluence to secure logins through SSL, and I can’t get the web address to change from having server:portnumber to server/subdirectory. It always ends up being server:portnumber/subdirectory. At any rate, I’m going to zip up what I’ve got and send it to Atlassian for them to figure out.

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing for a conference I’m attending this week. I’ll also be speaking on Thursday, presenting the topic “Publications for Public Relations,” which is a fancy (and alliterative way!) of discussing web design, press releases, newsletters, and getting people to pay attention to them. I have no idea how it’ll go, and I’m a bit worried since our VP and Director will be there, but I’ve got years of public speaking experience and I know the topic pretty well, so I’m hopeful.

Back on Friday. I might give an update on HELIX then, and hopefully return to regular updates on Monday.