Writing a PAX East Enforcer Training Manual

Last year when I was preparing for PAX East, I signed up to be an Enforcer and worked to learn everything I could. I read through the forums, signed onto IRC, and asked lots of questions, but the experience was really frustrating. The response from most veterans was, “Read the forums!” but there isn’t a lot of organization there. The information you need is spread all over the place, and most people start their first year confused and trying to figure out where to go and what to do.

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Mapping the way forward

You know your goal. It’s pretty straightforward: this is what you have to do. There’s really no question about it.

But how do you get there? That’s where things become tricky.

If you need to train a work force, learn or teach a new process, or implement a new system, building documentation either in advance of the implementation or at the same time will make your life and the lives of your employees significantly easier. Many teams put off writing documentation until after the project is done (“We wanted to wait until we had everything settled,” or “We didn’t have time!”), and then never go back so the process becomes lost, new employees take longer to train, and work processes are based on an ambiguous oral tradition.

SilverPen Publishing’s documentation consultation service can help you create a plan. We will assist in identifying the documentation you need to create; answer questions about software, formatting, and processes; and help you understand what steps need to be taken to get the work done. We can  also answer questions about wikis, Sharepoint sites, and other means of storing or sharing documentation.

To learn more about our documentation consultation services, just send us a quick message. We’re here to help.