YADnDW (Yet Another DnD Wiki)

My D&D group is experimenting with Google Wave to plan between sessions, and one of them requested a wiki. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while… or, rather, I’ve been thinking about writing the stories down. The campaign is going really, really well and the story as it has developed thus far is really cool. Unfortunately, I have this block when writing stories down that are already done. One of my favourite things about writing is exploration: I want to start a story and see where it goes, finding out what the characters will do as they encounter new and different situations. Writing something where I already know everything is boring.

Logically, I know that I have to write these things and practice them to become a better writer, it’s just hard. I’d like to say that working on this wiki will help me get into it, at least in regards to fantasy fiction, but this isn’t the first D&D wiki I’ve started. The previous one was about three years ago, and after loading a tremendous amount of game rule data in, I abandoned it. The new one will be focused on setting and story rather than rules, but in some ways that makes it even harder to develop.

With buy-in from my players and their growing interest, though, I’ve got more motivation than I did before. It’s the same premise as exists behind blogging: the knowledge that there’s an audience helps keep me going.

Curious to see how it’s developing? Check out the Chronicles.