Why I Started a Tumblr

This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m pretty conservative and behind-the-times when it comes to trying out new technology and online services. I created my first blog in 2003 on LiveJournal, only to discover that everyone I knew had been using it for a few years. I moved to WordPress in 2006 and have been using it ever since for my blog. I tested Facebook out when it launched (back before it was publicly available) and didn’t think it was all that exciting or would go anywhere. I never got into MySpace. Admittedly, I’ve had my Twitter account for quite some time, but I only signed up for Instagram a short while ago.

I think about these things, and try to find a use-case for my life before signing up. I might test something out, but it really needs to fit a niche that isn’t being met by another service. And much to my surprise, Tumblr is fitting into my set of online tools really nicely.

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