Immediately after work last night, I came home to drop my bike off and grab my laptop, then proceeded directly to the Mudhouse. I then spent around three and a half hours writing a page and a half long story. That averages out to about a word every 4.7 minutes. That’s how slowly I was writing.

It was grueling; I don’t think I’ve ever written that slowly before. But at the same time, I’m really happy with the result. I am in the process of developing a campaign setting for a D&D game, and this story is the first in a series that will set the stage for the campaign. I edited as I went, and it has no dialogue in it, which is a large part of what made it as difficult and short as it was. I was also developing characters, places, story arcs, names, and images as I went, and now that those are somewhat developed, I’m anxious to expound on them. I’m going to write some short pieces throughout this week that are pure description, just an image of a person or something, which should be a lot easier (and even shorter).

The page and a half I ended up with was an expansion on three paragraphs from an eighteen page short story I wrote a few years ago. Already, I can see a lot of points for further expansion from what I produced tonight.

I hope to make this exercise a weekly thing: going to the Mudhouse, writing, etc. If you have any interest in joining me for a creative evening, let me know (I’m looking at you, Brenda). It was a good time all-around.