Thoughts on the VP Debate

Eye Contact

Sarah Palin always made eye contact with the camera, and it started to wear on me after a while. Still, not a bad thing.

Joe Biden usually held eye contact with the moderator, and at first I disliked his manner. I kept thinking, “Look at the camera like Palin is!” But then he looked at the camera, and it was piercing. Joe Biden made eye contact when it was most important, and due to its scarcity, it was more powerful. It’s a good speaking technique I had learned once and had forgotten. Very good.

Can I call you Joe?

Governor Palin asked Senator Biden this question as they shook hands before the debate began. I realized at the end of the debate that I don’t think she ever called him Joe. Maybe I’m wrong, but I never noticed it.


Palin called Biden about looking back 2-3 times, saying we need to stop worrying about the past administration and move forward. If we’re going to talk about change, we can’t keep looking back.

I really appreciated Biden’s response that the Bush administration wasn’t the past, it was a prologue, and that if we elect Bush, we’ll get exactly more of the same. Good point.


At least 20 times, Palin mispronounced the word “nuclear.” Argh.


Truth to tell, Governor Palin, I was done listening about energy after the first 10 minutes. I really would have liked for you to answer the questions asked of you, rather than going back to it over and over again.

Concluding Thoughts

Palin didn’t suck. She wasn’t as bad as I had feared and somewhat expected. But I don’t think she did as well as she needed to, and I was disappointed that she didn’t talk about the issues more or actually answer half the questions.

Nevertheless, she won’t lose McCain the election now, and I’m OK with that.

I was afraid Biden would screw things up horribly, either by patronizing her, or being longwinded, or committing some horrible gaffe. He did very well, though, and I enjoyed listening to him. I like his smile, and he’s very knowledgable and solid. I think he’ll make a good vice president.