Proof that I am not the tyrannical despot you think I am

From Twitter earlier today:

I hate the management / disciplinary part of my job, but as cliché as it is, somebody has to do it. Now that it’s done, back to tech stuff.

to which @rcburrell replied

@dmmagic Solution: fire people you have to manage

I don’t do the management stuff because I enjoy it. Rather, I do it because it needs done, and because I feel that our staff deserves to have it done. What’s more, we will never improve if people aren’t held to higher (or, to be honest, any) standards.

It sucks to hold people to standards and have to discipline them when they don’t meet those standards, and I don’t like doing it. Writing people up doesn’t make me happy–it’s upsetting, frustrating, and a bit depressing. But it’s important we be clear about things: you’re expected to do a job, and if you don’t do it, there will be consequences.

And to be perfectly clear, Ryan‘s not alone in his feelings on the matter. There are a lot of people, particularly higher up, who wouldn’t tolerate some of the stuff we do. There wouldn’t be a warning, there would just be a lot of student workers out of jobs.

My overriding principle and guidance in all things is fairness: I want to give people a fair shake. Sometimes that involves warning and disciplining people when they don’t do as they have been told they should, with the goal of trying to help them do what they need to be doing so we don’t actually have to fire them.

So, for what it’s worth, I’m no tyrannical despot who enjoys this stuff. I’d much rather be playing with web pages and figuring out how to make stuff work. It’s just something that has to be done sometimes.